Apple Watch not Updating: 9 simple ways to get it updated

Apple Watch Not Updating: Apple Watch not updating is a common problem with Apple Watches that are running watchOS 3.2.3 or earlier. There may be a number of reasons for the Apple Watch not updating, and the methods to fix it vary depending on the cause of the issue. If the Apple Watch is not updating, it can be a pretty frustrating situation.

The Apple Watch is a fantastic technological development that is also cozy to wear on your wrist. It’s an incredible way to monitor your health, get notifications, answer calls, and more. The Apple Watch has software updates just like the iPhone iOS updates, what happens if it refuses to install update in other to maintain and repair bugs, read below for ways to rectify it.

Apple Watch Quick Review

Apple Watch not Updating
Apple Watch

You must have been familiar with Apple Watch before clicking on this article, but if you’re only interested in learning more about the Apple Watch and how to fix problems with it, this piece is also for you.

For readers who doesn’t know how the Apple Watch looks like, the image above is the real definition of how Apple Watch looks like. The Apple Watch features a smartwatch that keeps you connected with the help of your iPhone. You can stream music, read and listen to messages and make calls using with different apps on your iPhone. Six time zones can be set on this watch and built-in GPS so you never miss a call or message even when offline.

A powerful processor and a gorgeous design come together flawlessly in the classic Apple Watch lineup. These timepieces have high-quality watch faces and come in a range of real, replaceable bands. You will always have access to precise time and your current location on your wrist thanks to the world-time and GPS features of these vintage timepieces.

A masterpiece of modern engineering, the Apple Watch is ultra-slim and made from stainless steel or gold. The straps are available in a range of colours to suit every style.

Don’t let the elegant design and high-end materials mislead you. The Apple Watch is a technological powerhouse that unlocks the full potential of your iPhone, making it much more than just a piece of jewelry (sorry, Android users). Once Bluetooth connectivity is established, you are alerted to emails, texts, and social media updates via audio cues and the Taptic Engine, which simulates a light tap on your wrist for silent alerts. You may configure your watch to show all of the alerts from your iPhone or to only show notifications from certain apps. Read more elaborate specifications here.

Why is Apple Watch not Updating

Apple Watch not Updating

Periodically, Apple Watch updates its software; these updates are expected to enhance watch functionality and address security flaws. The watch user is supposed to apply this update for it to take effect, but there are instances where it will flat-out refuse to install the updates for a variety of reasons that are covered below.

  • iPhone not up to date
  • Apple Watch not fully charged
  • Poor internet connection
  • Waiting to take command
  1. iPhone not up to date: Ensure that the iPhone connected to your Apple Watch is update in terms of it iOS software, this could be a cause to Apple Watch not Updating.
  2. Apple Watch not fully charged: Apple watch battery percentage level could be a hindrance to a successful Apple Watch OS updates installation, a lower battery level can as well prevent a successful installation.
  3. Poor internet connection: Poor network connection can slow or not even install an update. This usually prolongs the time taken to install the update or perhaps might not even install at all after time is wasted.
  4. Waiting to take command: If your Apple Watch is not set to automatic update, then you should consider turning it on because it will never install the new update provided by Apple if you didn’t command it to. Therefore unattended update installation won’t install if it is not commanded to.

How to Fix Apple Watch not Updating

How do you ensure that your WatchOS updates are installed successfully? Make sure you follow all recommendations appropriately, as stated below.

  • Restart Apple Watch
  • Restart your paired iPhone
  • Check your battery percentage
  • Check internet connection
  • Switch off Bluetooth
  • Check Apple Watch and iPhone storage
  • Delete update file
  • Unpair and synchronize your watch
  • Try again to update your watch
  1. Restart Apple Watch: Restarting a mobile device is the most common method for fixing problems. In this case, restarting your apple watch will assist to reboot the operating system; but, if the issue persists after restarting, read on for further potential remedies in this article.
  2. Restart Your Paired iPhone: The paired phone is the device to which your apple watch is connected, therefore restarting your iPhone is the next option to take. To learn how to restart your iPhone, click here.
  3. Check your Battery Percentage: Low battery percentage can be a barrier to a successful apple watch os update, ensuring that yourwatch is properly charged at least at minium of 50% should be considered.
  4. Check internet connection: It is impossible to get a successful os update with a poor or no internet connection, by so doing, ensure that your internet connection is stable.
  5. Switch off Bluetooth: another option to give a trial is switching off your Bluetooth connection.
  6. Check Apple Watch and iPhone storage: Every software update for a device takes up space; if the device’s storage capacity is low, it automatically prevents the update from being installed. How do you resolve this? Carefully eliminate any unnecessary files by creating storage space that can accommodate the file size.
  7. Delete Update File: The most frequent cause of installation failure during Apple Watch operating system updates is a weak network, thus the expected solution is to rapidly delete the update file. Click here to learn more on how to delete an Apple Wach Operating system Update file.
  8. Unpair and Synchronize your Watch: Another best option to rectify this issue is to unpair your Apple Watch from the paired deviceand pair back.
  9. Try again to Update your Watch: Ater you must have tried all this options, it should definitly solve the problem, the next option is to give it another trial by downloading the software once more.

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How to update Apple WatchOS

It can be challenging to stay current with technology, particularly when it comes to updating your Apple Watch. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to stay current, so don’t worry. You will receive the details you require to comprehend the procedure for updating your Apple Watch from this step-by-step manual.

You can make sure your watch is running the most recent watchOS version and that your data is safe by following these instructions. We’ll go through the various ways you can update your Apple Watch, the advantages of doing so, and the possible consequences of not doing so.

There are tow ways to update your Apple Watch os which updating your iphone or updating directly on your Apple Watch.

You will feel confident updating your watch quickly and effortlessly after reading this guide. So let’s get going!

Updating Apple Watch Through Your Iphone

  1. : Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select the My Watch tab.
  2. Select Software Update under General.
  3. Click download, if you are resuested to input yor passcode, carefully do that
  4. Wait for it to finish downloading which take a minute or hour.

Updating Directly on Your Apple Watch

Updates can be installed without an iPhone if your Apple Watch is running watchOS 6 or later.

  • Ensure that your watch is conected to wifi
  • Open the Settings app on your watch.
  • Select Software Update under General.
  • If a software update is available, tap Install, then adhere to the onscreen instructions.


After reading this article, I’m confident you now know everything you need to know about why your Apple Watch operating system isn’t updating. I also went on to explain how to update your Apple Watch OS. However, if you’ve tried every possible fix and your Apple Watch is still not updating, it’s still advised that you visit Apple Support for more information.

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