How to delete photos on Mac

How to delete photos on Mac– The MacBook has a variety of capabilities that help with most of our business record keeping and a user-friendly layout that makes navigation easy. We also use the MacBook for a variety of activities like gaming, watching videos, creating photo albums, downloading and installing files and so on. All of this takes up so much space on the hard drive that it is unable to take any more.

Most of the time, we think that our storage space is solely used by application software, completely forgetting that photos imported from cameras, downloaded images, and synced iPhone captures also use up more space. Therefore, clearing out duplicates and other unnecessary photographs will keep your photo album organized and save disk space.

If you’ve tried been wondering how to delete images on a Mac, this well written article will walk you through the process step-by-step.

About MacBook

How to delete photo on Mac

I always dim it necessary to give an over profile of a device under study before diving in to the tutorial.

I’m going to assume that you already know what a Mac book is, how it looks, and what it’s used for before you got to this point. However, if you are not yet accustomed to MacBook, the picture above depict one.

MacBook is a clear, simple device, designed by Apple which runs on macOS. According to Wikipedia, The MacBook is a line of Macintosh notebook computers designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Inc. from May 2006 to February 2012. A new line of computers by the same name was released in 2015, serving the same purpose as an entry-level laptop.

Before you start deleting

If your MacBook has iCloud photo turned on, take note that when you delete a photo from your Mac, a duplicate of it is also deleted from your iCloud photo and from any other devices connected to your Mac.

What should you do if you don’t want the changes to be synced? Open the Photo Preferences pane from the menu bar, select the iCloud tab, and uncheck the box next to iCloud Photos.

What happens if I delete all the photos on my Mac

Once you delete all photos from your library, they are moved to your trash bin where they are retained for thirty (30) days and permanently get deleted from your Mac if it was not recovered within the space of 30 days.

How to delete photos on mac

To delete photos on your Mac, carefully read the processes below on how to delete photos on your Mac

  1. Click on the photo app on your Mac to open.
  2. On the side bar, click on my photo stream.
  3. Click one or more photos you want to delete
  4. After you must have selected the photos you want to delete, right click on any of the selected photos (click with two fingers to right click), a context menu pops out immediately.
  5. Click on delete photos at the button of the context menu.
  6. In this stage, a window will appear asking if you are sure about the action you are about to give. Click delete to proceed or cancel to stop the command.

How to recover deleted photo on Mac

A photo which was found useless can later regain it value maybe after must have been deleted.

In most cases, some command given to a system might be accidentally or playing around with the system and at the long run you might get your photos deleted.

One thing about Mac is that it automatically moves deleted files or photos as the case maybe to recycle bin/trash bin.

The recycle bin or trash bin get hold of deleted photos for 30 days which allows a user to recover them if found useful again but permanently delete if isn’t recovered within the space of 30 days.

Below will guide you on how to recover an already deleted photo on your Mac.

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1-Trash Bin

Step 1: Open Trash

On the dock at the button of the screen, double-click the trash icon. All the deleted photos will be displayed.

Step 2: Select photos and send it back to it originals source.

To recover the deleted photos, click with two fingers and select Put Back, The restores all the deleted photos. You can as well drag and drop the photos to the desktop or folder of your choice.

2-Disk drill

What if you practically forgot to recover your photos from trash and it already exceeded the given 30 days of recovery and it permanently get deleted, there is no cause for alarm for they are not lost for ever. The disk drill is a recovery software which when installed scans the hard drive for deleted files(photos) that has not been overwritten by other data.

To recover deleted photos through disk drill carefully read below

The first step is to download the diskdrill which Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later is needed for it. The next is to double-click on the “diskdrill.dmg” file after locating it in your Downloads folder. In the event that you are requested, drag the Disk Drill icon to your Applications folder.

After you must have downloaded the Disk Drill software on your Mac, lunch it, next is to tick the three boxes that will appear on the screen. You will be required to input your computers administrator password to grant Dusk Drill permission access to scan your drive. Select “No, thanks” when you reach the screen that ask if you want to upgrade, after reviewing the result from the scan,” and certain that your deleted files have been recovered, you can now go for an upgrade.

Launch Disk Drill once it has been installed. We advise leaving the first three boxes in the window that appears ticked. You will next need to input your computer’s administrator password to allow Disk Drill access to scan your drive. Select “No, thanks” when you reach the screen that asks if you want to upgrade. Fine with the basic edition. After reviewing the scan findings and being certain that your deleted files have been recovered, you can upgrade to PRO.

Storage Optimization

Mac offers different ways of managing your storage, therefore deletion of important photos due to low storage for other files won’t be necessary here, optimizing them is considerable.

If actually deleting a photo or file was because the file has no value again then you can proceed but if the purpose was to free up storage then Mac optimization should be considered.

1- To locate the Mac’s storage optimization, simply follow the instructions below.At the top left of the screen, click on the apple logo, a menu bar drops immediately, select About this Mac.

How to delete photos on Mac
Mac’s storage optimization

2- On the next window which appears after the first step, select “Storage Tab”.

How to delete photos on Mac
Click on storage tab

3- In this step, select Manage-button

How to delete photo on Mac
Click on Manage Button

4- Recommendations will be displayed at this point, click on optimize.

Click optimize


In conclusion, this post thoroughly detailed how to delete photos on Mac in order to free up hard disk space on your Mac. It went on to explain how to retrieve every deleted file or photo, as well as a clever approach to expand your storage capacity without necessarily erasing your pictures and videos.

We value reader feedback more than anything else, so if you any view on this article How to delete photos on Mac, we’d appreciate hearing from you in the comment section. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Please if there is any complications after reading this article “How to delete photos on Mac, please do well to visit Apple support for further assistance.

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