How to get safari back on iPhone (Add it back with 2 easy steps)

How to get Safari back on iPhone- If your preferred browser, Safari, has vanished from your iPhone and you are concerned that you won’t be able to continue your internet research in the future, or if you accidentally or deliberately deleted it and are unable to get it back, don’t be worried; it can be recovered, allowing you to continue your quick research on the Safari browser.

Most of the time, you find that apps you are fairly certain you did not delete yourself have been removed from your iPhone. Even after diagnosing the problem, you were unable to determine the cause of the error and as well find it difficult to restore your app, which left you perplexed. This article will show you how to restore safari on your iPhone in a well-written, comprehensive manner.

If you’re seeking for quick fixes on how to get Safari back on iPhone, reading this post between the lines, world by world, will be of great assistance because it not only explains how to do it but also how to keep your iPhone safe from such error messages.

About Safari Browser

Since Safari is one of the most widely used internet browsers today, it is presumed that most readers are familiar with it. However, given the likelihood that most readers are unfamiliar with Safari, it will be necessary to explain what a Safari browser is to complete this article and study.

Safari browser was created by Apple, which is the default browser for Mac OS, iPadOS and iOS which uses the open-source Webkit browser engine derived from KHTML.

The fastest Mac browser, Safari was first introduced in January 2003 as part of Mac OS X Panther. It has been a part of the iPhone since its first generation, which debuted in 2007. To learn more About Safari Browser, Click here.

Why has my Safari disappeared?

There are a few conceivable locations Safari may have relocated into if it vanished from your screen:

Relocated to a folder

When using our phones, we tend to move quickly, therefore it’s probable that we don’t observe the majority of the actions on the screen. This suggests that the safari app may have relocated to a folder on your screen, which will remove the icon from the screen and move to a folder that is accessible by opening the folder.

Moved to a Hidden Home Screen

On the iPhone, there are home screens that can be shown or hidden; when hidden, all of the apps on that screen are not available on the Home Screen. It’s feasible that the icon for your Safari app was moved to a hidden Home Screen.

Accidentally Deleted

Your Safari app might have been deleted mistakenly from your iPhone, therefore this can get your Safari browser erased from your iPhone.

What Happens If I Delete Safari On My iPhone?

If you get your safari browser deleted from your device, the browser will be removed from your device, you will lose all data associated with the browser such as passwords, bookmarks, and history.

How to get safari back on iPhone

How to get Safari back on iPhone-Following are several methods to restore your preferred (Safari) browser if it was unintentionally deleted or removed from your home screen.

Note- Before attempting the steps on how to get safari back on iPhone, it will be necessary to restart your iPhone first. How do you do so, to restart iOS 14 or later, press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button, and quickly long-press the button till the apple logo appears. This will automatically restart your device. To learn more on how to restart your iPhone, click here.

How To Recover safari back to Home Screen

For iPhone Os 14 or later, the safari app might be hidden, follow the steps below to restore.

Step 1- On your home screen swipe left till you reach the app library.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 2- Click the search box at the top part of the screen.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 3- Type safari in the search box.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 4– Long press the Safari app icon and drag it to the preferred position of the Home Screen.

How to get safari back on iPhone

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How to reinstall deleted Safari browser

If you got your Safari browser deleted and you don’t know how to get it restored, carefully study the steps below.

Step 1- Swipe to the left of the screen till you get to App Library.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 2- At the top part of the App Library, click on the search box.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 3- Type in App Store, which will provide the App Store app, and click to open.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 4- When opened, click on the search box at the top part of the screen and type in “Safari” into the search box and select the first result.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 5- Select download, in other to proceed, you will be required to input your iCloud password, after this give it some seconds to download and install.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 6- After successfully downloading, click open to start browsing or return to your home screen where it is located.

How to Unhide a Home Screen

To unhide your iPhone Home Screen in which the Safari browser was moved in, follow the steps below:

Step 1- On your iPhone Home Screen, press and hold on any free space till apps start wiggling.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 2- Once it starts wiggling, click on the three dots at the bottom part of the screen.

How to get safari back on iPhone

Step 3- All the home Screen Pages will be displayed, check the boxes to unhide the pages.

How to get safari back on iPhone


In summary, this concise article “How to get safari back on iPhone” insinuates the processes or steps needed to get a safari browser restored to an iPhone Home Screen, or if deleted, the steps needed to get it reinstalled.

The first half of this article provides a quick overview of the article’s goals and aims before giving an overview of Safari, which is the iPhone’s default browser.

The most crucial section of the post also covered the various causes and solutions for why your iPhone’s Safari browser vanished as well as the reason why it did so.


Please contact Apple support if the issue persists after following all the instructions in this article on “How to get safari back on iPhone” for more help.

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