How to Hide Likes on Facebook (Step-By-Step)

How to Hide Likes on Facebook- Facebook reaction is one of the best improvements throughout the existence of Facebook. The like reaction enables users quickly express their views on any post without having to type it out.

It has created a positive impact on the Facebook community at large but at the same time negatively affected the mindset of some users as well. Not everyone is cool with Facebook post reactions, you don’t need to keep getting pissed off whenever you see an unaccepted reaction count to your post from your followers, you can learn how to hide likes on Facebook.

There are two possible ways of hiding Facebook reaction count which would be discussed in this article “how to hide likes on Facebook”, which are hiding your own Facebook post reaction counts or hiding the entire Facebook post reaction counts on your Facebook feed.

Nevertheless, Facebook’s reaction is best described as a structured or close-ended instrument of data collection whereby it gives the respondents or users the ability to give their own opinion by choosing from the available reactions. This help users give a simplified expression of how they feel or think about a particular post without necessarily typing down a word.

Findings have proved that reactions have more count than post comments, this is because one doesn’t need to be too intelligent before one can drop their opinion on a post, it became most used because of its easy-to-use form.

Why Hide Likes on Facebook

After all the great positive influence it has impacted on the Facebook community at large, why still hide likes on Facebook?

Facebook post reactions were not part of the features of Facebook as of the time it was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and others. Facebook, later on, included a Facebook-like button in 2009 which later became the most used Facebook feature to date.

Reviewing literatures in line to this study, it is proven that Facebook reaction counts has affected the mental health of most users especially teens. They sometimes use the total number of likes they got on a post as a means to measure level of their self worth.

In some cases affect them psychologically when they have lower like counts, it sometimes becomes a competition on who gets the highest likes on a post.

Since this could cause this harm to the Facebook community then it was advised to remove the feature entirely but evaluate in terms of everybody’s needs and wants, Facebook being a community on its own with over three (3) billion users and 1.5 to 2 billion active users who makes use of Facebook daily, community analysis was carried out, this discovered that it was beneficial to some while it was provoking to some users as well.

In other to strike a balance, hiding the like counts on Facebook became a better decision to take whereby one can decide to hide like counts or leave it to be seen.

This insinuates that a user can easily hide like counts from being seen but this doesn’t prevent users from reacting to posts and the total number of likes won’t be displayed.

This article does nothing more than guide you on how to hide likes on Facebook.

How to hide likes on Facebook Apps

How to hide likes on Facebook sounds so hard and complicated but truly is very simple to do, just follow the process and you would get it right.

Depending on your decision, Facebook gave the option to choose, either to hide Facebook reaction counts on a post you shared on your profile or to hide the reaction counts on posts shared by others on your news feed, you can as well toggle on the two if it is okay by you.

How to hide reaction counts on post shared by others on news feed on apps

This process applies to both android and iOS devices.

Step 1

Locate the Facebook app menu and tap to open.

Step 2

Scroll down to settings and privacy and tap which gives a drop-down menu, and click on Settings.

Step 3

Scroll down to Reaction Preferences and tap to open.

Step 4

In other to hide the total number of reactions for posts others share on News Feed, Page, and Groups toggle on at the right part of the preference section as illustrated in the image below.

How to hide likes on Facebook


This setting does not prevent you from seeing reaction counts for posts in other places such as Marketplace and Reels.

How to hide reaction counts on your post on apps

This setting enables you to hide the total number of like counts on the post you shared on your profile.

In other to hide reaction counts of posts shared by you, follow the same process as explained above and toggle on the section option which states that “other people won’t see the total number of reactions under the post you share to your profile. Reaction counts will still appear on your posts on other places like groups or other contents like reels.”

How to hide likes on Facebook through desktop

Just like the described process of hiding likes on Facebook through the Facebook app is as same when hiding your reaction counts using your desktop but with slide difference in interface. Below is how to hide likes on Facebook if you are using the social media site on your windows, Linux or Macios.

  • Click on the down arrow icon at the top right of the screen to open Settings & Privacy.
  • Select the Reaction Preferences which need to scroll down since is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the option you need as already explained above which you can choose to hide reaction on your post or hide the reaction counts of other users or hide both.


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