How to import contact from gmail to iPhone (Here are my 2023 Easy tips, Read now)

How to import Contact from Gmail to iPhone- Is quite fun to set up your new iOS especially if you are a newbie or you just joined the iOS family, the excitement and joy you get while setting up your device is an experience everyone must attest to. Issues always come out when you don’t know how to import contacts from Gmail to your iPhone or how to get your contacts saved in your Gmail account and imported to your iPhone contact list.

This article “how to import contact from gmail to iPhone” will take you through step by step on how to import contact from gmail to iPhone. During my own time, when I got my iPhone newly, I tried all possible to see that I got all my accounts imported to my new gadget but all to no avail, I just needed to give up and started recollecting and re-saving the new numbers again. This was so stressful and time-consuming and in the long run, I gave up and this was how I lost most of my contacts.

Due to the unavailability of this kind of article “how to import contact from Gmail to iPhone” I could lay my hand on how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone, I was left with the most recognized mobile device to battle, sincerely speaking iOS devices are likely too complex for a beginner to comprehend but yet its friendly interface can’t help, by so doing, looking for an article of this nature isn’t a bad idea.

How to import contact from gmail to iPhone

To import your contact from Gmail to your iPhone with ease, kindly follow the simple steps below.

1- On your iPhone App Library click on settings.

How to import contact from Gmail to iphone

2- scroll down and tap on Contacts.

3- Tap account to open.

4- Select Add Account.

5- List of e-mail providers is listed, select Google to open.

6- A message pops out notifying you that settings want to use “” to sign in, tap on Continue to proceed.

7- Choose an account or scroll down and tap on Use another account if only the required account isn’t there.

8- Type in your google mail account into the required box and tap next to proceed.

9- Input your correct password attributed to the google account.

10- Click on save.

By so doing you have imported your Gmail account to your iPhone.

How to fix Gmail contact not syncing with iPhone

After adding your google account to your iPhone but it refused to synchronize, follow the methods below to enable your google account to sync with your iPhone.

1- Check your internet connection- Before you start syncing, ensure that you have a stable internet connectivity. Use a cellular network instead of WiFi. You need a very stable internet connection to sync to gmail contact to iPhone.

2- Check permission settings- Ensure that you toggle on the Gmail contact permission, for this allows Gmail to import the contacts saved in the Gmail account to your iPhone. This is mostly set when registering the gmail account into the iPhone account, as directed above.

3- Toggle On Push- This feature automatically push new data from the server to your iPhone when possible. Therefore enabling this will automatically update your iPhone with new data saved in your google account.

How to toggle on Push

1-On your settings, tap on contacts to open.

2- Select Accounts.

3-Click on fetch new data.

4- Toggle on to enable Push.


If you are experiencing difficulties while importing your contacts. In other to ascertain a successful contact import, log into your Gmail account on your desktop computer. You might need to grant access to an “Unusual sign-in location” before you can proceed with importing.

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Kindly note that adding Google account to your iPhone will as well add your google mail calendar and also mail items to your iPhone. In words, if you wish to disable this from adding to your iPhone, follow the procedure below.

How to stop Gmail calendar and mail items from adding to your iPhone

1- On your iPhone settings, Select Contacts to open.

2- Select Accounts

3- Select Gmail.

4- Toggle off Mail and Calendar.


How to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone is very easy to do but yet confusing to novice most especially, if you carefully went through this article carefully will give you a clearer insight into how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone, and congratulations you have successfully learned how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone.

If after going through this article “how to import contact from Gmail to iPhone” you still experience issues while importing your article, visit Official Apple Support

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