How to prevent iPhone from overheating- Read 2023 tips now

How to Prevent iPhone from Overheating-The majority of iPhone owners frequently and jokingly complain that their device becomes too hot, even to the point of boiling an egg. This might be really pitiful most of the time because it literally slows down the iPhone’s operating system operation.

This could either be your fault or a problem with the iPhone’s internal workings, as shown by the fact that there are two possible answers to this question.

Our ignorance has led us to believe that iPhone devices generally get hot when used, but we are unaware that this is true of all gadgets when used incorrectly or above their usage restrictions. This condition typically leaves us perplexed and unsure of what to do.

The goal of this article “how to prevent iPhone from overheating” is to make sure that readers are aware of the fundamentals of using mobile devices.

Since humans are the highest animal, a real-world illustration of iPhone overheating is when a person overworks or strains themselves to the point where they get sick or have physical problems because their body has overdone it. This also applies to iPhones and any other devices.

The amusing thing about this is that most people, when they notice that their iPhone is already overheating, continue to use it until it shuts off on its own or automatically suspends all functionality for a brief period of time so that it can cool down, this is really bad.

This article “how to prevent iPhone from overheating” will instruct you on the proper steps to follow to keep your iPhone from overheating.

It will be vital to address those potential reasons of iPhone overheating before exploring the potential solutions for stopping your iPhone from overheating.

My unique gift to humanity is ensuring information needs are satisfied, so I know this article “How to prevent iPhone from overheating” is beneficial to you, carefully go through this article “how to prevent iPhone from overheating” and apply all the measures given in this article for the betterment of your iPhone device.

What causes iPhone to overheat

How to prevent iPhone from overheating

There is always a reason for an event, so we’ll look into the potential causes of iPhone overheating so that we can confidently address how to prevent your iPhone from overheating.

  1. Using your iPhone too long– As illustrated at the beginning of this article, a human breaks down whenever he out work himself, same is applicable to iPhone devices. Using your iPhone for long time can cause your iPhone to overheat.
  2. Operating and charging of iPhone at a time- Is wrong to operate the iPhone while it is charging, the lithium ion battery can deteriorate more quickly than it would normally if your phone is used often while it is charging. This is due to the battery heating up as you use and charge your phone. When you do both at once, the battery becomes quite stressed and heated up.
  3. Operating your Iphone under a hot atmospheric condition– This is one of the things that causes an iPhone to overheat; not only the iPhone, but other electronics and even people react poorly to the sun. In high-temperature conditions, your device may not be able to modify its behavior to control its internal temperature thereby overheating. Using an iOS or iPadOS device in a heated environment can permanently lower the battery life.
  4. Using the camera for long– The iPhone may overheat if the camera is left on for a lengthy amount of time, especially in warm weather. The iPhone frequently overheats and freezes as a result of this.
  5. Streaming for long- Your iPhone may overheat if you watch films online for a long time, especially on Netflix, YouTube, and other services.
  6. Running too many background apps- If you have too many open apps that are also refreshing in the background, your iPhone may overheat.
  7. Using a faulty charging accessories- This is another technical reason for iPhone overheating. Using a charger that is damaged, has bridges, makes a partial contact, or isn’t compatible with the iPhone can all contribute to overheating, and in some cases, faulty charging accessories can completely blow off the iPhone or cause serious issues with it.

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How to prevent iPhone from overheating

The next step is to take preventive actions in order to stop such bad things from happening to your iPhone after learning the potential causes of iPhone overheating.

To prevent your iPhone from overheating, reading the following below:

  1. Restart iPhone- If you experience any of these symptoms, including a slow response time to orders, a warm casing, or any other obvious signals, it is advised that you reset your iPhone before it overheats. After long pressing the power and volume up keys, simply slide the power switch to the right to turn it off. After up to five minutes, restart your iPhone.
  2. Close All Apps- The majority of apps require a lot of energy when they are running, which overheats the battery. Moreover, background app update overheats the iPhone; consequently, close all open apps.
  3. Get apple official charger- It is advised to use an original Apple charger rather than one of the less expensive knockoffs because the latter aren’t specifically designed to provide the necessary energy to charge an Apple product, overloading it and causing it to overheat. Thus purchasing an authentic Apple charging accessory will be beneficial.
  4. Turn on airplane mode- The iPhone gets hot when it is constantly connected to the internet or when it is connected for a long time. Turn on your airdrop for at least 30 minutes to help things along; doing so will help the processor cool down somewhat.
  5. Turn off background refresh- The iPhone overheats as a result of an Apple feature that allows apps that are open but not running to refresh and sort for updates. In order to disable background refresh- Go to Setting> General> background refresh > background refresh> off.
  6. Update your iPhone- For performance enhancements that save your iPhone from overheating, make sure your device is updated to the most recent iOS version.
  7. Limit processor-intensive tasks- Most of the time, you overload the processor with several tasks to run; you should make every effort to keep those tasks to a minimum. It is advised to delete such programs and perhaps share the task with any other device in your range, such as your PC or game console, to run those apps if you notice that your iPhone does grow hot when you use a certain app, such as 3D games, editing apps, and some others.
  8. Enable low power mode. The longer your screen is on, the more energy it consumes and the more heat it produces. Your iPhone’s backlight should not remain on for too long, in this case is to turn on low power mode. To turn on low power mode, go to settings> Battery> Toggle low power mode “ON”.
  9. Take your iPhone for Repair- The final option for treating an overheating iPhone is to have it repaired after trying every other method. A specialist could be needed to fix a hardware issue with the iPhone. The easiest method to fix this is to schedule an appointment with Official Apple Support.

How to Cool off overheated iPhone

How to prevent iPhone from overheating

To cool off your heated iPhone, follow the below guidelines.

  • Turn off your iPhone- First step is to turn off your iPhone to close all functionalities.
  • Remove the iPhone pouch and fan- As soon as your iPhone starts to warm, remove the case right away to enhance direct ventilation.
  • Remove from heat source- Remove your iPhone from any hot environments as soon as you detect it is getting too warm. These environments could include direct sunshine, a heated car, etc.
  • Stop charging- When your iPhone starts to overheat while charging, immediately unplug it from the power source and let it cool.
  • Keep your iPhone in a cool environment- When your iPhone overheats, it is advised to keep it in a cool environment.


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