How to Remove Screen Lock PIN on Android (with 6 easy steps)

How to Remove Screen Lock PIN on Android– The screen lock is one of the special security types in all mobile devices, most especially android is designed to protect your android devices from authorized access. This security type is based on choice, which means that one can decide to remove it or let it protect your android device from unauthorized access. This article is set to guide our readers on how to remove screen lock pin on Android and also other related topics.

Mobile devices have been built to block authorized access to their operating systems or their usage through some special security features such as screen lock pins, screen lock passwords, screen lock patterns, face ID recognition, fingerprint, and other mobile security types. These simple security types do not just prevent people from accessing your android device but also assist in ensuring that your privacy is respected.

In some cases, most people might decide to remove the screen lock pin due to reasons best known to them, in this case, it is possible to remove the screen lock on Android devices but it is highly recommended that a screen lock pin is set in other to protect the device from unauthorized access

But in other to certify the wants of our researchers this article tends to guide you on how to remove screen lock pin on android.

Why Remove Screen Lock PIN On Android

The android screen lock pin on android is a feature one shouldn’t disable because of its great impact in ensuring that your privacy is highly respected.

In other words, there are still some vital point one need to take note which entails that you can remove the screen lock pin on android. This includes their in.

  • Individual Difference and self want- What is this good for Mr. A might not be good for Mr. B, therefore one can find screen lock on Android as a waste of time in accessing the phone which they have to input a pin before they can operate their android where’s it can be used at any point in time without taking upto 5-10 seconds in trying to unlock the android device. This same feature can also be a vital android feature the user can’t imagine getting disabled. Therefore this is based on self-want and what you find ok for you, if it is okay for you to have the screen lock enabled then you can proceed with its enrollment or if already enabled then you can let it keep functioning but if you don’t see it necessary having to input pin before using your phone then you can disable it.
  • Pin known to many people- In this situation, you need to change your android screen lock pin because if so many people are already familiar with the pin or passcode or password of the phone then it is assumed that you have already given them access to your phone without your consents and what you take to be private are already made free to anyone gets hold of your phone.
  • Reselling or gifting of the android devices- Before one resells his or her android devices there are important things one should take note of which the removal of Screen Lock PIN after you must have cleared/deleted your files from the phone. Selling or gifting an android device with a screen lock enabled is like telling them that the device is still under your custody for you have to unlock the device for them before they can make use of it.
  • Changing of weak pin- When ever we purchase a new device we tends to input a weak pin such as 0000, 1111, 1234 and so on because of the excitement and having tour on the phone believing to be setting up different features of the android and ending up not giving the best. We sometimes set week screen lock pins and we later discovered that the pin is too easy to be gazed so therefore removing the current lock screen pin and inputting a new strong pin would be the best option to take.
  • Having a cracked or malfunction touchpad/screen- It is advisable to remove the screen lock on the android when it screen or touchpad has started misbehaving. If one isn’t ready to replace the touch screen or have it fixed, is best you get it disabled because once an android device touch start misbehaving most especially when it screen or cracked, note that it might refuse you from typing in the screen lock pin, for instant tapping on number 2 and you ending up tapping on number 5. In other to avoid this, kindly remove the screen lock pin.

How to Remove Screen Lock PIN on Android 

It is assumed that you already know why you are removing your screen lock pin on android, now we are heading over to how to remove the screen lock pin on android.

In other to know how to remove screen lock pin on android carefully read further with maximum concentration.

Depending on the type of android device you are using and also the version, this tutorial works for all types of android phones and versions but with a slight differences in terms of the location of functions and tabs in the android device, therefore it is advised that you study your android device following this tutorial a d also applying the steps illustrated by making use of your search box in your <settings> to locate some specified functions/tabs in this tutorial.

Note that this tutorial is illustrated using Android version 12, Tecno Pop 7 pro.

1- On your menu page, tap on settings.

How to remove screen lock pin on android

2- Scroll down and tap on Security.

How to remove screen lock pin on android

3- Tap on Screen Lock.

How to remove screen lock pin on android

4- Input your current screen lock pin.

5- Tap on None.

How to remove screen lock pin on android

6- A message pops out informing you about the disadvantage of the action you are about to take, click Delete or proceed.

How to remove screen lock pin on android


Removing the screen lock pin on android automatically removes every other security feature in your android device.


If you carefully went through this article “how to remove screen lock pin on android” as expected, note that you have successfully learned how to remove the screen lock pin on android.

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