How To Reset iPhone XR (6 Easy ways to Reset it now)

How to Reset iPhone XR: Have you been looking for a way to reset your iPhone, probably due to some technical issues? Have a glass of wine, for this article has all the information needed to reset your iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is one of the best models in the iPhone series. With great modifications and a handy body frame, you are good to go. Considering its camera, it still has great pixels to brag about. The iPhone XR has a smooth operating system, good memory space, and fast internet connectivity, so recommending this device is a bonus for you reading this article.

Due to Apple’s advanced interface, it is usually challenging to operate without introductory tutorials on how to do so or a careful study on how to assign some specific commands to the device. Most of this command is resetting your iPhone XR, restarting your iPhone’s connection to WiFi, and so on. This article will carefully walk you through how to reset your iPhone XR.

Resetting any device simply means clearing all settings and any other self-installed software and media in the phone other than the factory settings and returning it to default. In the case of resetting iPhones, it has two unique options to choose from, which include “Reset All Settings” and “Erase All Content and Settings.” Before you dive into your phone settings, ensure you read this article carefully because it has more to teach you.

Before you reset your iPhone, you should know why this feature “Reset” is added to a device: to avoid stories that touch the heart, lol.

Possible Reasons to Reset your iPhone XR

Before you think of resetting your iPhone read below.

As insinuated earlier, resetting an iPhone means erasing all settings and contents in your phone and returning it to its default settings.

Before you can think of resetting a device, there are possible considerations that may include:

  • Experiencing Software Errors
  • Network Connection Issues
  • Apps crashing
  • Unidentified settings
  • Resetting before selling off
  1. Experiencing Software Errors: Software can transfer viruses to the phone, causing other software to malfunction. If the problem persists after deleting the app, resetting the phone would be a good option. Another example of software error could be iPhone refusing to power off or taking too long to power on. Most people consider resetting their iPhones when they experience unidentified errors such as the iPhone restarting by itself, deletion of large files with no trace on the phone file manager, and so on.
  2. Network Connection Issues: Is usually so pathetic when your phone refuses to connect to the internet due to faults or errors you can’t identify, resetting the phone is usually the last option to take in other to get it fixed. Read more if experiencing such issues.
  3. Apps crashing: When an app crashes, it can cause a phone to malfunction, therefore resetting the device will be a good idea.
  4. Unidentified settings: Most of the time you get stuck in the process of setting up your phone. After attempting some settings in other to see the result, unfortunately, you could not trace it back to the previous settings. In order to reverse the phone’s default settings, the phone reset button will be the next option.
  5. Resetting before selling off: Is usually advisable to reset your phone before selling off because it helps in ensuring that all your data are cleared before selling to another user.

How to Reset iPhone XR

How to Reset iPhone XR
How to Reset iPhone XR

After reading almost half of this article, it is expected that you have been enlightened on what it means to get an iPhone to reset to its default settings.

Now we are moving to the most important part of this article. How to reset iPhone XR Please read the instructions below carefully before attempting to reset your iPhone XR.

  1. Click on SETTINGS
  2. Click on GENERAL
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on RESET

After passing through the three unique steps above, six options will be displayed for you to choose from. Please read more to know what they insinuate. Below are the options:

  1. Reset All Settings: This option will erase all settings in the phone returning it to its default settings without deleting your contents such as media.
  2. Erase All Content & Settings: This option will delete all contents such as media, personal data, software applications, settings, etc in the phone returning the phone to its default settings.
  3. Reset Network Settings: This option will only reset all your network settings.
  4. Reset Keyboard Dictionary: This option will reset your keyboard dictionary returning it to its default.
  5. Reset Home Screen Layout: This option will reset the Home Screen layout only.
  6. Reset Location & Privacy: This option will reset your locations & privacy settings.

Below are the steps needed to take when taking the reset options above

  1. Click on any of the preferred options depending on your want.
  2. Input your passcode
  3. You will be asked again if you really to give such a command
  4. Click proceed if you are sure of what you are doing.
  5. Click Cancel if you aren’t sure about it and return to the previous options.

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Outcome after Resetting iPhone XR

How to Reset iPhone XR
How to Reset iPhone XR

After you have imputed your passcode and clicked Proceed, your iPhone will take the command given and automatically restart itself once it is done resetting. Ensure that your battery is fully charged to avoid software errors in the process of deletion.

I guess this article answered your question. Make sure you read all the sections of this article before attempting to avoid mistakes or unnecessarily losing your data. Please ensure that you have backed up your data in iCloud before proceeding.

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