How to set alarm on iphone

How to set alarm on iPhone- Are you the type that doesn’t wake up on time until you are been awakened by someone or probably buy noise, you have been thinking of setting alarm on your iPhone but you don’t know how to set alarm on your iPhone.

This article accompanied with illstrations will guid you on how to set alarm on iPhone without stress. In other to catch up with your schedules the next day, knowing fully well that you passed through stress and there is a probability that you will be waking up late due to the stressed-out body, setting the alarm is the only option ringing in your head but unfortunately you don’t know how to set alarm on iPhone then keep reading.

Are you always searching the web for how to set alarm on iPhone or delete an alarm, seeking for concise article that will give you a clear explanation with illustrations on how to set alarm on iPhone, stop searching for this is the right article for you.

Most iPhone users don’t know how to set an alarm on iPhones, because of the complex iPhone interface but ponder not for this article will be explaining better how to set alarm on iPhone and also the basic steps to take while setting your alarm and other related topics.

The iPhone includes an alarm to its features which helps man in his daily routines, not just to wake a sleeping man in the morning but also help in timing an activity, notifications, setting as a reminder of activity, and a lot more.

It is true that the table alarm is gradually devalued, it is rear to see someone pitching a bed side alarm, where as the iPhone alarm can render such services even more effectively.

Our normal table is manually set every night in other to sound the following morning most especially those analogue alarms, this is an add to one’s routines where by you are expected to turn on the alarm before going to bed but the sweetest thing about iPhone alarm is that it can be scheduled to ring every day in accordance with the set time

Carefully digest this article to know the hidden secretes about the iPhone alarm, learn how to set alarm on iPhone and other related topics.

What is Alarm on iPhone

The alarm on iPhone is an application software program that functions more like a digital alarm which through on-screen commands, allows one to set a desired time to which it rings out loud to achieve a set goal which could be to wake one up from sleep, set as a reminder or to time a particular event.

The iPhone alarm has different sounds which produce an enhanced sound capable of waking a sleeping individual up.

With this special iPhone feature, one doesn’t need to spend some dollars in acquiring the manual alarm.

How to set alarm on iPhone

Setting an alarm on your iPhone is quite easier than it seems, follow the procedures below to set your iPhone alarm:

1-On your iPhone home screen slide to the left part of the screen to access the app library.

How to set alarm on iphone

2- On the app library, search for clock.

How to set alarm on iphone

3- Click to open.

How to set alarm on iphone

4- Tap alarm at the down part of the screen.

How to set alarm on iphone

5- Tap on the plus button at the top right of the screen to set new alarm.

How to set alarm on iphone

6- Set the time as desired.

How to set alarm on iphone

7- You can label the alarm, set it to snooze, and as well set it to repeat option which can be every day or a particle day, or just set it to never repeat but just to ring at the scheduled time only.

How to set alarm on iphone

How to Delete an Alarm on iPhone

After setting up to 5 or more different alarms on your iPhone and you don’t need its services again or probably want to stop it from ringing again but just want to give it a break a little, read below to know to either stop a set alarm from ringing or deleting the set alarm completely.

How to stop an alarm from ringing without deleting it

To toggle off your set alarm from disturbing your sleep probably on a public holiday you know that you won’t be going to work the next day, in other to discontinue the reoccurring alarm from waking you up the next day as scheduled, follow the simple steps below:

1- On your App Library, search for clock, tap to open when seen.

How to set alarm on iphone

2- Tap the alarm symbol at the down part of the screen.

How to set alarm on iphone

3- list of set alarms is displayed, toggle off to suspend an alarm.

How to set alarm on iphone

With this, you have successfully suspended your scheduled alarm without deleting the settings, and toggle on to continue the alarm.

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How to delete an alarm completing

The alarm has already accomplished its set a goal and is needed to be deleted to avoid overcrowding your alarm clock with many setups. To do so, clearly read below:

1- On your Clock app, click the alarm at the down part of the screen.

How to set alarm on iphone

2- Click edit at the top left part of the screen.

How to set alarm on iphone

3-Select from the list of alarm you want to delete.

How to set alarm on iphone

4- click delete.

How to set alarm on iphone

This process above completely delete your alarm schedules.

Can alarm drain battery

These systems have direct connection from the battery to the alarm, which gradually drains the battery of power. This may eventually result in the battery failing.

How to fix iPhone alarm not ringing

Missing your alarm in the morning can be so frustrating which can make you miss your work for the day. Since our gadgets has replaced most of our traditional devices/facilities when might run into some challenges. What happens if your scheduled alarm doesn’t ring out as scheduled, read below on how to fix your iPhone alarm not ringing.

Restart your iPhone

Before doing any other thing, simply restart your iPhone device, for it is proven that restarting of iPhone or any other mobile smart phone device fixes a lot of software-related issues. And is unfortunately that most people neglect this particular iphone diagnosis measures. Now that your iPhone alarm isn’t working proper, you should restart your iPhone. To restart your iPhone, press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button, and press and hold the power off button until the apple logo appears. Read more on how to restart your iPhone.

Choose a louder iPhone alarm sound

The beautiful thing about the iPhone alarm is that you can customize the alarm sound as it suits you. In most cases, the alarm sound might be too low to wake you up, therefore choosing another more enhanced sound will be better.

Check do not disturb

Check if your iPhone is in do not disturb, this feature silents and notifications. To check if your iPhone is set to do not disturb, go to your control center and scroll down to the last part of the control center and tap the bed-like symbol to turn it on/off.

Crosscheck the scheduled alarm

Go to your alarm and confirm if the alarm scheduled time is set as intended, and check if the time is set to a.m. or p.m. as preferred.


How to set an alarm on iPhone is an easy one, ensure that you read this article thoroughly without leaving a stone unturned, if yes, kudos and congratulations for you now know how to set an alarm on your iPhone.

If after reading this article and still finds difficulty on how to set an alarm on your iPhone, visit the official apple support for more information.

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