How to spy on iPhone in 2023 (Read Now for Easy Tips)

How to Spy on iphone: Spying on someone else phone isn’t easy to carry out without having the phone with you but now things have gradually changed, how to spy on iPhone isn’t a hard deal now, with some steps and processes you already have the phone displayed in your iPhone without getting hold of the person’s phone.

Is your teenage child/ward acting suspiciously on his or her phone and you want to get hold of such that’s taking the attention of your child, worry not for this article will give you the complete details on how to access your child or wards messages displayed in your phone without he or she being aware of what you did.

You know is kind of hard to completely go through your child’s phone, even a smart kid won’t risk it if he discovers that his or her phone will be checked therefore the child would likely be deleting all messages after sending and receiving them to avoid being busted by the parents.

This tutorial “How to spy on iphone” will give you a comprehensive guide that will ensure that your child is secured from any negative influence on the phone.

Relationship this day has become a game of no trust, cheating on each other is now the new trend, laughing out loud, is funny and heartbreaking that you never knew that you had been spending your time with someone who goes contrary to your relationship objectives. Is of a great percentage of individuals looking for a way to spy on their partner’s phone in other to know their stand in the relationship and this is one of the reasons this article is in existence.


This article “how to spy on iPhone” is not meant for fraudulent activities, it is written to ensure that the child or ward is not misled by the negative influence of mobile phone usage.

Most children are being molested by older ones, it is known that negative communication corrupts the mind. In other to ensure your child’s safety is certified, we do as much as possible to compose this article.

In sum, this article is not meant for fraudulent activities or social vices, anyone who tries such is going against the sole objective of this study.

What does it mean to spy

To spy on someone can be described in many similar ways, which include a way to get some confidential information from someone without them knowing. According to Cambridge Dictionary defines spy as a person who secretly collects and reports information about the activities of another country or organization.

To spy has to do with secretive observation of a particular object in other to ascertain information that could be confidential.

Spying can be done by anyone but most spying is been carried out by security agencies during investigations of cases. Spying is not just limited to a particular geographical location it can be done internationally and otherwise.

In most cases, countries or organizations can employ someone to secretly acquire information reports from other countries or organizations.

Can someone spy on my iPhone without me knowing?

To break into someone’s phone is now made too simple to achieve. Yes, someone can monitor your messages, and have access to your WhatsApp on their iPhone without you knowing. This can be achieved by installing some applications which hack into someone’s phone without sending any notifications to the person’s phone.

How to spy on iPhone

The good news here is that iOS users can now spy on someone’s phone of any operating system without the person knowing or getting hold of the phone itself.

Note that this application is only functional in iOS 10 and above, thus, any below is incompatible with this application am about to present to you.

IOS below 10 can enjoy this by upgrading their iPhone to the latest iOS or above the specified iOS.

To spy on someone else phone using your iPhone, some steps should be taken which are subdivided therein;

iPhone Settings Changes

Before downloading the spy app, ensure that you follow the processes in this subheading:

1- Go to the settings of your iPhone.

How to spy on iphone

2- Scroll down and click on battery.

How to spy on iphone

3- Toggle off the low-power mode.

How to spy on iphone

4- Return to settings and click on General.

How to spy on iphone

5- Click on About and ensure that your iPhone is upgraded to iOS 10.

How to spy on iphone

6- Return to settings and click on background app refresh.

How to spy on iphone

7- Turn off the background app refresh.

8- Select WLAN & Mobile Data.

9- Go back to General and minimize to the home page.

10- Go to any of your favorite browsers.

11- Type in into the search box.

12- In the website search box, search for phone spy and click install when seen.

How to spy on iphone

13- Lunch application and click on any contact in your iPhone displayed in the app, it automatically displays the person’s phone, so you can start spying.

Phone spy Installation

To install phone spy carefully follow the processes therein:

1- Go to your favorite browser and input

2- In the appbuild.VIP, click on the search box, and input phone spy.

3- click on install

4- It displays “configuration profile available after downloading”, click continue.

5- It pops out another message, which says, “this website is trying to download a configuration profile, do you want to allow this” click allow.

6- And finally it is downloaded but it has to be reviewed in the profile in the settings app to proceed with the installation, click close.

7- Go to settings app and click on general.

8- Scroll down and click on profile.

9- Click on phonespy.

10- Click on install.

11- Input your passcode.

12- click next

13- Click on install at the top right of the screen.

14- Go to your home page and open the phone spy

15- Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation by carrying out some tasks, after this, you can click on any contact of your choice to spy the phone, note that, these contacts are saved in your phone.

Is Phonespy free

Phone spy is free of charge, you don’t need to pay for anything or a subscription but you just have to complete some installation task which can be to install some apps and test run for 30 seconds and after you complete this, the app is yours.


With this tutorial “How to spy on iphone”, you have successfully become a spy, and your child’s security is assured and free from mobile vices and as well get hold of your cheating spouse and so on.

Hope this article “How to spy on iphone” is helpful, do well to drop us a comment in the comment section in other to evaluate how useful this article “How to spy on iPhone” is. And also remember to bookmark this tech site “” for more tech tips.

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