How to turn on airdrop on Mac (Here are my 4 easy steps to get it done)

How to turn on airdrop on Mac-Today’s technology has had a bigger favorable impact on human endeavor; its developments have streamlined nearly all human activities so that one doesn’t need to become overburdened to complete their tasks.

In terms of technological breakthroughs, we should give Apple Inc. credit for its innovation and astounding redefinition of some of the tasks that we find challenging but time-consuming to complete on our devices.

In this article, I will carefully guide you on how to turn on airdrop on Mac. Following our comprehensive article, reading without skipping will help you understand more. Airdropboth

Apple inc has made it easier when it comes to filing transfer between to devices specifically apple products. Through her Airdrop invention, is now quicker to transfer files from one apple gadget to another with just some clicks.

Anyone can activate airdrop on a Mac without necessarily surfing the net looking for how to turn on airdrop on Mac, thanks to its astounding simplicity and speed, and it is the fastest mode of connectivity available.

When compared to other methods of file transfer, which appear to be somewhat slow and complicated, the airdrop is one of the fastest ways to share files. Compared to other methods, which require scanning a QR code or pairing first such as Bluetooth share, Xender, flatshare, and so forth are more technical.

What is airdrop in Mac

A layman when asked this question will answer this interpreting it word by word, which will later be defined as the act of dropping something into the air, funny right but there is somehow meaning in this.

An airdrop is a wireless connection between two devices that lets both send and receive files, photos, documents, map locations, videos, and so on.

Apple Inc. developed Airdrop on Mac with a network protocol called Apple Wireless Links that can connect two devices using Bluetooth on your mac and broadcast information. Following then, point-to-point Wi-Fi is used to transport the data between the two devices. As a result, data can be transported swiftly without being lost.

How to turn on airdrop on mac

Yes, Apple products are usually different from other gadgets with their advanced functionalities but still, it has a friendly interface.

For this study here is the step to easily turn on airdrop on your Mac.

1- At the top left of the screen, select “Go”, a drop-down menu appears once, click on “Airdrop”

How to turn on airdrop on Mac
Select “Go”
How to turn on. Airdrop on Mac
Click on Airdrop

2-The Airdrop uses WiFi and Bluetooth, therefore you are required to turn on Bluetooth by clicking on the “Turn on Bluetooth”.

How to turn on airdrop on Mac
Turn on Bluetooth

3- Your airdrop needs to be visible, select Everyone. Which will allow you to be discovered by Everyone.

4- if you are not seeing the other device you are connecting to, tell the other linking iOS device to turn on Airdrop on their device.

AirDrop on Mac not working

Apple devices are equipped with Airdrop, which allows for quick sharing of data, documents, and images with the internet connection. If you want to switch on your airdrop but are unable to do so you can consider the following tips:

1- Check if the Device is Compatible: Make sure that your devices are running iOS 7/Mac or X Lion otherwise airdrop will not work (10.7).

2-Check Airdrop Setting On Mac: Your Mac airdrop needs to be visible, by so doing, confirm if the airdrop is set to everyone. This makes your airdrop visible to all nearby iOS devices using airdrop.

3-Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi: The airdrop makes use of both Bluetooth and wifi at the same time, therefore, if these two are off, the airdrop won’t be successful. This depicts that you should turn both on when airdropping

4-Turn off Hotspot: The airdrop requires that the hotspot should be turned off, therefore having the hotspot turned off will help attain success when airdropping.

5-Bring the two Devices Closer: The two devices must be brought together to enable a successful connection between the two devices.

6-Limit firewall on Mac: It’s likely that your computer is protected by the router’s firewall, so disabling it on macOS makes it simpler to establish connections with other Apple devices.

7- Leave Mac Unlocked: when carrying out an airdrop, make sure that your Mac is unlocked, locking it can be a barrier to an unsuccessful airdrop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do air drop files go

While iPhone airdrop files are sent to the app or folder appropriate for their file type, Mac airdrop files are sent to the downloads folder.

Why can’t I airdrop from my Mac to iPhone.

Before you start airdrop, ensure that you confirm that the receiving iOS device airdrop visibility is set to everyone, this allows sending device to find the airdrop name. To do this, Swipe down the upper right corner of the screen to access the control center, press and hold the connectivity section and click on airdrop, select everyone in other to get visibility

Secondly, confirm the name of the receiving airdrop, how do you do this. Go to settings, click on general and click on About, the name displayed is your airdrop named.

Can you Airdrop to someone far away

The straight answer to this is No because since the maximum Bluetooth connectivity distance is 10 meters (30 feet), AirDrop can only link devices that are within that distance. After establishing a Bluetooth connection, a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network is then established.

Does airdrop notify other user

Once the airdrop connection is established, it alerts the receiving device of any airdropped files that have arrived and gives it the option of accepting or rejecting them.

Can airdrop be traced

Unfortunately, airdrop can’t be traced, at the time, there is no way to view the most recent AirDrop history or specifics of the files sent or received using AirDrop.


In conclusion to the article “How to turn on airdrop on Mac”, an airdrop is an apple inc development used by apple devices to quickly share files between two devices. How to turn on airdrop on Mac was explained at the top part of this article and also included most frequently asked questions related to this subject.


If after reading this article “How to turn on airdrop on Mac and still can’t turn on the airdrop on Mac, please refer to Apple support for more help.

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