iPhone low power mode ( Learn the 3 easy steps on how to turn on your low power mode)

iPhone low power mode- iPhone has this special feature in all most all the iOS iPhone models to help in the functionality of the devices. But do we know how to make use of this feature to our advantage, I guess most of us here reading this article do not know much about the iPhone low power mode.

The major objective of this article is to give an overview of the iPhone’s low-power mode, how it functions, and its applications.

This article will guide you through how to turn on your iPhone low power mode and as well enlighten you more and how to use this particular feature to avoid using it wrongly which might be a negative effect on the device.

Some frequently asked questions such as how do I turn on low power mode on iPhone, how do I turn off the low power mode on iPhone, what is the advantage and disadvantages of low power mode on iPhone, is necessary to leave your low power mode on iPhone on for a long time and lot question will be answered in other to leave no stone unturned.

Most of the time after long use of the iPhone device and all of a sudden it asks you to turn on low power mode, this usually occurs whenever your battery percentage has reduced to 20 to 10 percent. Do you know it needs to adhere to the instruction?

Read this article carefully and thank me later because it won’t leave any frequently asked questions unanswered, kudos to PajeyTech for this wonderful opportunity to know more about the low power mode on iPhone.

What is iPhone low power mode

Every iPhone has a feature called low power mode that lowers the amount of power your iPhone uses. Every iOS (iPhone operating system) device typically has this capability, which aids in lowering the gadget’s rate of power consumption and extending the battery life.

The iPhone low power mode automatically pops out with options to choose from whenever your iPhone battery reduces to 20% asking you to pick the low power mode option or to close the notification and in return when closed will display this notification again when the device reduces to 10%.

The low power mode automatically opts out whenever the iPhone charges up to 80% percent.

iPhone lower mode is a setting that turns off the majority of iPhone functionality to preserve battery life when it is low.

According to iPhone, low power mode reduces the amount of power used by your iPhone in carrying out its functionality in other to preserve the battery when the battery is low.

Turning on your iPhone’s low power mode will less its functionality and run tasks less often in other to prolong the battery health.

All this explanation above should give you a clearer understanding of what iPhone low Power mode is, you should know that low power mode on iPhone devices is turned on to reduce some iPhone background operations in other help your battery last much longer.

In any way the sentence is being spelled out or said is hitting the same point.

Which features does iPhone Low Power Mode disable?

The iPhone’s low power mode according to Apple’s official support made the changes below in other to conserve the battery.

  • It set the screen light to turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity- The iPhone’s backlight is automatically turned off at 30 seconds of inactivity or idleness when the low power mode is activated.
  • 5G network is turned off- This automatically changes the 5G to 4G except for video streaming
  • Lowers the Display Brightness– The low power mode when turned on lowers the display brightness.
  • The proMotion display refresh rate is lowered- The low power mode lowers the refresh rate of iPhones that has proMotion displays.
  • iCloud Photos sync is paused- The iCloud photo synchronization is paused whenever the low power mode is turned on.
  • Stops automatic downloads- All automatic download is suspended whenever the low-power mode is on.
  • Stops the background apps from refreshing– This automatically stops background apps refreshing, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

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How to turn on iPhone low power mode

You can turn on your iPhone low power mode through these two steps, which can be from the control center or through the iPhone settings.

Below are the steps to turn on your iPhone’s low-power mode.

Step 1

Turn on the iPhone low power mode from the Control Center

1-On your iPhone Home Screen, swipe down from the top-right of the screen to access the control center

iPhone low power mode

2-On your control center, scroll down to the last part of the screen and taps the low power mode icon to turn it on.

iPhone low power mode

3- Once that is done, the battery meter changes from white to yellow when charged above 20%, from red to yellow, when the battery is lower than 20%, or from green to yellow when the battery is currently plugged into a power source.

iPhone low power mode

Step 2

Turn on the iPhone low power mode from the iPhone settings

1- On your iPhone App Library locate settings and click to open.

iPhone low power mode

2- Scroll down and tap the battery to open.

iPhone low power mode

3- Toggle to turn on the low power mode as displayed on the screen.

iPhone low power mode

How to permanently turn on iPhone low power mode

The iPhone low power mode automatically turns off whenever the iPhone battery charges up to 80% and to avoid the stress of putting it on on a regular basis, you can turn on the iPhone low power mode permanently.

Follows the steps below to get started.

1- Go to your App Library and search for Shortcut. Click to open when glimpsed.

iPhone low power mode

2- Click on the plus sign (+) at the top-right corner of the screen to create a new shortcut.

iPhone low power mode

3- Click on add action.

iPhone low power mode

4- Search for set low power mode in the text search box, and click when seen.

iPhone low power mode

5- Add an if action- to do so, click on the plus sign and search for if, tap on it when seen.

iPhone low power mode

6- Set input as “Current Date”.

iPhone low power mode
iPhone low power mode

7- Set condition as “Is today”.

iPhone low power mode

8- Hit the play button in the corner.

iPhone low power mode

With this, you have created your iPhone shortcut and as well enabled a permanent low-power mode on your iPhone.

To turn off the permanent low power mode on your iPhone to delete the shortcut.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the advantage of turning on iPhone low power mode

Low power mode has a great impact on the iPhone’s functionality, this completely reduces the power used by the iPhone which in turn preserves the battery.

What’s the disadvantage of turning on iPhone low power mode

The only disadvantage of iPhone low Power mode is that it suspends some functionality such as turning off the 5G network, stopping background apps from refreshing, and some other functions that you might find useful always. This feature restricts such functions thereby causing inconveniences.

When should I turn on my iPhone low power mode

There is already a designated time at when the iPhone request to turn on the low power mode especially when the iPhone is below 20%. Therefore turning on your iPhone low power mode when it is 20% remaining is recommendable but if you wish to turn it on as preferred, it isn’t a bad idea.

How long does low power mode preserve iPhone battery

Sincerely speaking there have not been any findings to this question but from my analysis using my iPhone, the low power extended the battery percent one and half times of it usually lives before draining.

Does low power mode destroy the iPhone battery

No, the low mode causes no harm to the battery, instead prolongs the battery’s health.


The iPhone low power mode is simply a bossy iPhone battery, therefore turning it on when necessary will save your iPhone from running low always.

For more questions and more detailed explanations pertaining to this topic, visit Oficial Apple Support

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