iPhone not Connecting to Wifi

iPhone not Connecting to Wifi- It is usually a pitiful moment when you want to use your wifi to connect your iPhone to the internet but, sadly, your iPhone keeps bringing up an error message that prevents you from connecting to the internet. It may be really upsetting when other individuals in the area connect to the wifi without any problems, but yours utterly fails to do so, leaving you perplexed and unsure of what to do. We are merely here to solve this puzzle for you because you found this article. We’ll go over every conceivable explanation for why your iPhone wouldn’t establish a wifi connection.

As you attempt to connect to the nearby WiFi, your iPhone or other iOS device keeps reading an error. We have a professional diagnosis on how to connect to any WiFi quickly and easily at any time. Please read this article for excellent advice on how to fix these error messages

Why is my iPhone not connecting to wifi

iPhone not Connecting to WiFi
What causes iPhone WiFi Connection Error

Why is my iPhone not connecting to WiFi, this is a question you constantly ask whenever your iPhone fails to connect to available wifi which keeps you perplexed, but never the less these below are problems that could cause this error message.

  • Poor network connection signal
  • An incorrect WiFi password
  • mobile data or WiFi settings
  • You have a limited data plan
  • Having a bulky phone case
  • Having a damaged router
  1. Poor Network Connection Signal: A successful WiFi connection might frequently be hampered by a weak network connection signal. How does this affect the WiFi connection? When you are far from the router or parent host, connecting to the WiFi is typically impossible. It will be difficult to connect effectively if the necessary signal duration is not met. How do you know when you’re distant from the router? Before answering this question, it will be good to know what the term Router means, according to Wikipedia, A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform traffic-directing functions on the Internet. Data sent through the internet, such as a web page or email, is in the form of data packets. Back to the first question, what does it mean to be far from the Router, this is when a device such as your iPhone breaches the estimated range between the host (Router) and connector (iPhone)
  2. An incorrect WiFi password: A password is a unique string of characters or phrases used to gain access to a system, computer, device, or network. Password serves as a virtual key whereby it restricts assess to intruders. This is applicable to WiFi, once you input a wrong password that doesn’t match the already programmed one in the router, it automatically denies you assess to the WiFi.
  3. mobile data or WiFi settings: what could restrict WiFi connection is the mobile data or WiFi settings. If the WiFi isn’t turned on, the WiFi won’t get connected.
  4. Having a limited data plan: If your Wi-Fi won’t connect, your data allotment may have been used up. Or perhaps your mobile data isn’t turned on. Verify that your mobile data is turned on by going to Settings.
  5. Having a bulky phone case: Large iPhone or iPad cases can sometimes decrease or block a Wi-Fi network signal, however, this is rare. Try taking your case off if you’re having problems connecting to Wi-Fi.
  6. Having a damaged router: It’s possible that the router is malfunctioning if your iOS device won’t connect to Wi-Fi. To rule out hardware component difficulties, test your connection on additional devices.

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How to fix iPhone WiFi Connection Error

iPhone not Connecting to WiFi
How to fix iPhone connection error

There are different ways to fix iPad/iPhone WiFi connection failure in which anyone can do following the simple steps provided here in this article.

This is the important section of this article, the process involved in ensuring that your iPhone connects to the WiFi without stress, below are the possible ways of debugging this error message.

  1. Confirm if your WiFi is on: The first step to fix your WiFi connection error is confirm if your iPhone WiFi is switched on, if not, check your WiFi settings. How do you power your iPhone WiFi on. Go to your iPhone settings and scroll down and click on WLAN, tap on the toggle next after the WLAN and ensure it displays a green color which signifies that it is powered on.
  2. Reboot your iPhone: Restarting your phone helps to refresh the operating system which definitely helps out in fixing the WiFi connection error messages. You can restart your iPhone by long pressing the power button together with the volume increase button on both sides of the phone, it immediately displays a button slide, drag it to the right. This switches off the phone. Wait for like 30 seconds then long press the power button only till it displays an apple logo then you can proceed to the WiFi menu to give it a try again.
  3. Confirm the Accuracy of the Password: Most time the major reason why the WiFi refuses to connect to the router is due to the wrong password, ensure that the password inputted is correct.
  4. Forget the Network: Forgetting the network is another good option for fixing WiFi connection errors. This tends to fix this because forgetting the network means totally deleting all the network data which includes the network’s password, there for registering it again will require you to input the password again and if the network password was changed without your consent which has been preventing you from gaining access to the network will be rectified immediately by inputting the right one.
  5. Confirm your Data Subscription Balance: Most network service providers make internet and connectivity slower or drastically decline the network connection when the data subscription of the user gets exhausted or is about to get exhausted. This affects the WiFi connections, therefore it is ideal for such user confirms his/her data balance.
  6. Reset iPhone Settings: If you have tried the possible steps listed above and still it refuses to connect, the next option is to reset your iPhone settings. Click on settings, scroll down and click on general, it displays another menu, scroll down and click on reset iPhone, it displays another list to click on, click on Reset all iPhone settings, then you will be requested to input your iPhone passcode, input it and wait for it to reset and reboot on it own.


The beginning of this article carefully stated the possible ways to detect the cause of iPhone not connecting to WiFi which includes incorrect password, poor network connection signals, having limited data, and the rest as enumerated above and steps to fix it which include restarting your iPhone or iPad device, confirm if the accuracy of the password, confirm if your WiFi is turned, etc.

It is assumed this article is highly simplified and easy to comprehend therefore if properly studied you rest assured that you won’t be left confused when such an error occurs again.

If you are still experiencing this iPhone WiFi connection error after applying the possible solution stated in this article, please contact apple support or visit any nearest apple store for a proper diagnosis.

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